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A E Stamp

         Probably The Best  Imprint
         In The World

                            QUAUTY GUARANTEED                  CLEAR IMPRINT
                            Proven to~ nill in                 AE.Stampcanp~
                            excellent condition afte,          crystal < imptession even
                            machlAe test print                 with point site a.s small as
                            contin.oously for ovt<             4 point. whl1e no othe, p<e•
                            20,000Jmprints.                    Inked stamP a n perform

                             GEt. SYSTEM PRODUCTION
                             A E Stamp is using • US. Gel System ProducUoo
                             Technology. Higt•Te<hnology Product.on
                             System can p,odoce st~mp whhc,ystal clear
                             imprint, d~.s almost lMtantly on gk)ssy s,;,pe,
                             whhwattt•proo! prin1 out ink.
                                            us.A       FASTEST    WATERPROOF
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