Page 3 - AE Stamp Catalogue 2020
P. 3

A  ESTAMP                     COMMON SEAL
                        pgl-10                        pg61-pg63
                        COLOP                         WAX SEAL
                        pg11·22   Printer line        pg64·68
                        pg23-24   Classie Line
                        pg25    Expert Line           Fingerprint Pad, KW·trio
                        pg26    Office  Linc          pg69
                        pg27-30   Pocket Stamp &  Stamp Writer
                        pg31·32   Pocket On the go    RIBtype,JustRite
                        pg33-34   DIV Stamp           pg70
                        pg35-36   Inks and Stamp Pads
                        pg37-38   Sparen Pad          NORIS
                        pg39•41   Band Stamps & P700   pg71·72
                        pg42    Die Pia te Oater Timer
                                                      NAME TAG
                        FLASH STAMP                   pg73-74   Engraved Tng
                        pg43·48                       pg75•76   Colour Tag
                                                      pg77     Metal Tag
                        INDEX STAMP                   pg78     Reusable
                        pg49·S2                       pg79     Collar Pin
                        EXTRA LARGE SIZE              ENGRAVED
                        pgS3•S4                       pg SO    Plaque
                                                      pg81     Wall & Desk Sign
                        BACK TO SCHOOL                pg82     Slider Wall Sign
                        pgSS    Student Stamp         pg83     Engraved & UV Print Sign
                        p9S6    Teacher Stamp
                        pgS7·SB   Textile Stamp &     BUTTON BADGE
                                Mino Stomp            pg84
                                                      NAME CARO
                        SECURITY STAMP
                       DOCUMENT STAMP
                        pg60    A  E Stock Stamp      pg89·90   Ole Cut Sticker
                                                      pg91-93   Commercial Stick~r
                                Teacher Stamp
                                                      pg94     ll'0n•On~Sticker
                                Index Stock Stamp

                       A E Starilp mount uses en,vironmentat friendly plastic whieh Is free from
                       Potyvlny1chloride (PY¢).
                       This material complies wftti the requirements of EU Directive and
                       Underwrlter-s La_boratorles. Inc., on the restriction of the use of certain
                       hazardous substances.

                       All A E stamp products come with lifetime warranty
                       (exce~t consumables o< wroogly us,age of stamp).
                       If you have a problem wfth the stamp. we shall repair your stamp free of charge.
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