Page 14 - AE Stamp Catalogue 2020
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Printer Line

           The comprehensive range
           of self-inking stamps

                                                 COLOP.     Printer 30
           The Printer Line offers a complete choice of
           sizes from :small and handy up to large and   J..._,I
           generous - the largest range of formats from                -
           round to oval and even a triangle.                          -
                                                                       MAOE  IN

          ,---,-  ....--,-  ---, Produced in high               AntJ Sliding Technology
                             quality ~te-ri.ats for             l'o guarantee ~asltt
                             rl?Uable, ttguJ:,r 300             and more precise
                             comfor1.abte U$e.                  stamptng

                             The tixt~te arc                    Off(tfs .> wide r.>ngc of
                             m>d•ofREt) RUBBER                  text•, dater• and
                             vvlaniU'<J rubber with             text·dater•s~mps and
                             2400 dpi film make I.he            tw11 suim~t-Qulpped
                    0r logo mueh                with st0<.k t~ t

                                                      The Spirit of Innovation
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